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This area was primarily inhabited by the Osage Indians.


History of Defiance

Missouri River

Railroads have a long history in Missouri and Defiance in particular.

The Lewis & Clark Expedition went right past Defiance.

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone called Defiance home, and it was his final settling place.


Missouri was known as the Gateway to the West

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Defiance Area History

Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers.

Which indian tribes were indigenous to the area?

The area was inhabited by the Osage indians up until the late 1800's when white settlers pushed them from the area.

What caused the indians to leave the area?

The indians were pushed out by settlers who were granted land

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Historical Facts

Historical Battles

Information about historical battles that happened in the area

What happened during the War of 1812?

There was some activity in the area during the war, involving the indians and settlers.

What happened during the Civil War?

Missouri was split between the north ans south causes during the civil war.  There were a number of reasons Missouri was a border state.

What happened during World War II?

During WWII, the federal government took almost 16,000 acres in the area by imminent domain, forcing the relocation of several towns and a number of local farmers.

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